Bryce Warren



A wiggle-stereoscopy music video (3D!) that follows a girl after the traumatic loss of her sister in a drowning accident, in which she must cope with the loss as well as a new fear of water.

I had the pleasure of being the Director of Photography as well as the editor for this project. This project was born back in June of 2015 after the director and I got inspired to learn this very unique technique for ourselves, upon finding no tutorials or guides online. We spent many months testing and researching and after a very long time, we finally had the pleasure of shooting this in April 2016!


Just Kyle, Liar Film



The film premiered April 29th, 2016 at Outdoor Vision Festival!
Official Selection, 2016 Juried Show @ SFUAD!
Official Selection, 2016 Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival!
Official Selection, 2016 Long Beach Indie International Film Festival!
Semi-Finalist, 2016 Los Angeles Cine Fest!
Official Selection, 2016 Miami Independant Film Festival!
Official Selection, 2016 Santa Fe Independent Film Festival!
Official Selection, 2016 Santa Fe Film Festival!